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Wednesday, 11 November 1998
I dig James Brown. I've put together a few little samples of him. These make great enhancements to your computer desktop or to games.

If you want lyrics, look at

If you want to be informed of the latest news of various musicians (e.g. Mr Brown, Maceo, Fred Wesley etc.) tour dates, and other trivia, take a look at It's also a place to trade your collection.

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This is taken from the insert in James Brown: 20 All-Time Greatest Hits
And now and now and now, the man with the crown, the band with the sound, the World's Greatest Entertainer, The Haaaardest-Working Man In Show Business, the man YOU chose to be Soul Brother Number One - the star of the show Jaaaaaames Brownnnnnnnnn! and the Famous Flames.

More Info

Some Samples of James Brown

These are in both .au (for most Unix machines) and the crappy Microsoft .WAV .

  • [ .AU | .WAV ] "Aaahhhow!" From Get Up Offa That Thing

  • [ .AU | .WAV ] "Papa beat the hell outta us!" From Papa Don't Take No Mess

  • [ .AU | .WAV ] "It's gaht tah be FUNKY!" From Make It Funky

  • [ .AU | .WAV ] "Funky!" From Make It Funky

  • [ .AU | .WAV ] "EEeeeeeoooooo!" From Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose

  • [ .AU | .WAV ] "Git up offa that thing!" From (can you guess?) Get Up Offa That Thing

  • [ .AU | .WAV ] "Hey!" From The Payback

  • [ .AU | .WAV ] "...Hit me!" From Get On the Good Foot

  • [ .AU | .WAV ] "Hit Me!" From Get On the Good Foot

  • [ .AU | .WAV ] "I feel good!" From I Got You (I Feel Good)

  • [ .AU | .WAV ] "I'm Mad!" From The Payback

  • [ .AU | .WAV ] "Unh!" From Say It Loud (I'm Black and I'm Proud)

  • [ .AU | .WAV ] "Wooooow!" From I Got You (I Feel Good)

It is worth mentioning that I'm not his biggest fan, I haven't seen him live and I don't have all his albums. (nor am I interested in getting all his albums). I just appreciate his music. He is just one of many artists I enjoy.

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