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Tuesday, 23 July 1996

I'm happy to take comments on my pages or receive humourous material.

  • I don't author anything here. I certainly don't own any of it. If you want to link to a page here, you are welcome to. As far as I'm concerned, the material here, including my own html, is part of the public domain except where specifically noted.
  • I honestly try to avoid violating copyrights. I believe in them and don't intend to subvert them. If you find something here that violates a copyright, feel free to notify me. If you are the owner of the copyrighted material, and you can find it in your heart to let me keep it on the Web, even better.
  • Please don't mail me asking for more information on something that you've seen here. I don't have any information other than what you see.

  • There is no distribution list or mailing list. You'll just have to add me to your bookmarks file and check once in a while.

  • Lastly, I appreciate people sending me submissions. Realize, however, that I am a capricious and arbitrary net citizen. I choose to put some things on the web and not others. Don't take it personally.

A Request:

Please do not copy my pages and put them on your site. It pollutes the internet. There is no reason why the same text should appear in more than one place. If you like something here, if you want other people to find it from your pages, make a link to it. I'm happy to discuss this with you if you disagree.

Thank you for reading that. I feel better knowing that you've read that before you mail me.

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