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What Professors Really Mean...

What your professors "really" means when they say:

"This paper will omit a review of the more recent literature in favor of..."
Translation "I don't know if anything has been written on this since my dissertation."

"Various authorities agree..."
Translation "I overheard this in the hall."

"It is well established in the literature..."
Translation "I can't find the original reference."

"It is suggested that..."
Translation "I wonder if..."

"The implications are clear."
Translation "The implications are not clear (or I would have specified what they are)."

"It was observed that..."
Translation "One of my students noticed that..."

"No discussion would be complete without reference to the contributions of..."
Translation "I need another footnote on this page."

"Of great theoretical and practical importance..."
Translation "Of interest to me..."

"Further research will be necessary for a complete understanding of the implications..."
Translation "I can get another publication out of this."

"This research has left many questions unanswered."
Translation "I didn't find anything of significance."

"The typical results are shown."
Translation "The best results are shown."

"It is believed that..."
Translation "I think..."

"It is generally believed that..."
Translation "A couple of other folks think so too."

"Correct within an order of magnitude..."
Translation "Wrong."

"Thanks are due to John Doe for assistance with data and to Mary Smith for her valuable consultation..."
Translation "Doe did the work, and Smith explained to me what it meant."

"This finding has not yet been incorporated into general theory..."
Translation "Perhaps my next graduate student will make sense of it."

"A statistical projection based on these results."
Translation "A wild guess."

About Me Random Page!
Ear Street Who Am I?

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