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What is it?

I was in Bodo's the other day, and I saw someone with a VerizonTM T-Shirt on. It had definitions of the word veritas and horizon on it. Apparently, they combined those two words to make their new name. Of course, the real important thing was that the .com domain name had to be available.

The way I see it, Verizon probably paid thousands and thousands of dollars to have that stupid name created. Why shouldn't you, the random web-surfer, get a similarly valueless name, and for free!?

How do I do it?

I extracted from a dictionary all the words that roughly had the pattern consonant-vowel-consonant. I removed any words more than about 11 letters long and I removed all proper names. That left about 3600 words. My program takes two of these words at random and recombines pieces of them.

The Mission Statement is, naturally, a hodge-podge of random nouns, adjectives, and verbs found in most mission statements.

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About Me Random Page!
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