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A Handful of Spam Haiku

John Cho read this page and added his $0.02.:

SPAM, that mysterious and irresistably repulsive food product, has spawned a post-modern, cross-cultural literary form: the SPAM Haiku. The Spam Haiku Archive was created so that anyone who comes under the influence of this enigmatic porcine muse can share his/her poetic epiphany with the rest of the world. Even if you are not inspired to contribute to the archive, you can browse through and marvel at the works of genius that SPAM has motivated in others. NOW WITH OVER 300 SPAM HAIKU!

If you still haven't had enough haiku, you can read headlines in haiku.

Below are the original haiku on the topic of spam that several someones sent me years ago.

Pink tender morsel,
Glistening with salty gel.
What the hell is it?

Ears, snouts and innards,
A homogeneous mass.
Pass another slice.

Cube of cold pinkness
Yellow specks of porcine fat.
Give me a spork please.

Old man seeks doctor.
"I eat SPAM daily", says he.

Highly unnatural,
The tortured shape of this "food":
A small pink coffin.

Sliding from the can
Fully saturated fat
Makes me want to retch

Sent to me from various people.

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